Bacterial strains used in this study

StrainRelevant genotype and/or descriptionReference or sourcea
B. suis
    1330Biotype 1; ATCC 23444ATCC
    1330 omp25 mutant B. suis Δomp25::kan 22
    1330 omp25b mutant B. suis omp25b::kan 35
    1330 omp25c mutant B. suis omp25c::kan 35
    1330 Δomp25d mutant B. suis omp25d::kan 35
    1330 omp25 mutant/omp25 B. suis Δomp25/omp25+::kan/Cm 22
    1330 omp31 mutant B. suis omp31::Cm 22
B. melitensis 16MBiotype 1; ATCC 23456TATCC
B. abortus
    2308Biotype 1; wild type, smooth, virulentLaboratory stock
    A1Biotype 1; ATCC 23448TATCC
    A3Biotype 3; ATCC 23450TATCC
B. canis ATCC 23365TATCC
B. ovis ATCC 25840 (Reo 198)ATCC
  • a Due to antiterrorism measures, virulent brucellae might no longer be available from the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC).