Expression of E. coli CFT073 class III genes of motility and chemotaxis

GeneFunctionFold changeaP value
flgLbFlagellar biosynthesis; hook-filament junction protein−3.190.054
flgKFlagellar biosynthesis, hook-filament junction protein 1−2.360.004
fliDFlagellar biosynthesis; filament capping protein; enables filament assembly−1.310.018
fliSFlagellar biosynthesis; repressor of class 3a and 3b operons (RflA activity)−2.530.206
fliTFlagellar biosynthesis; repressor of class 3a and 3b operons (RflA activity)−1.040.441
fliCFlagellar biosynthesis; flagellin, filament structural protein−4.650.006
tarMethyl-accepting chemotaxis protein II, aspartate sensor receptor−3.880.060
cheZChemotactic response; CheY protein phophatase−3.490.107
cheYTransmits chemoreceptor signals to flagellar motor components−3.730.146
cheBResponse regulator for chemotaxis (CheA sensor); protein methylesterase−0.890.397
cheRResponse regulator for chemotaxis; protein glutamate methyltransferase−0.350.678
cheWPositive regulator of CheA protein activity−3.350.012
cheASensory transducer kinase between signal receptors and CheB and CheY−2.030.117
motBEnables flagellar motor rotation−1.360.186
motAProton conductor component of motor−0.140.903
  • a Fold change refers to growth in vivo relative to growth in LB.

  • b Genes statistically downregulated in vivo at least two-fold are in boldface.