Identity and phenotype of representative ETEC strains expressing each of the class 5 fimbriae used in adhesion assays and as a source of DNA for fimbrial operon sequence analysis

StrainCF type(s)Fimbrial subclassToxin type(s)SerotypeGenBank accession no. of strain used for DNA sequence analysisaSource or reference(s)
H10407CFA/I5aLT, STO78:H11Not doneb10
WS2560BCS4 + CS65aLT, STO25:HAY281092c,dThis study
WS3294ACS145aSTO78:H18AY283611This study
WS1974ACS15bSTO8:H9Not doneThis study
WS2173APCFO715bLTO71:H4AY513487This study
WS6788ACS175bLTO8:H9AY515609dThis study
WS0115ACS195bLT, STO114:HAY288101This study; 23
C91fCS25cLT, STO6:H16Published data12, 51
  • a GenBank accession number for fimbrial operon sequences completed in the course of this study.

  • b Published data on the CFA/I operon sequence are derived from ETEC strain E7473 (21).

  • c Accession number for the CS4 operon sequence.

  • d The DNA sequence for the CS4 and CS17 operons from two other ETEC strains became available after the initiation of this study (1) (GenBank accession no. AY216491).