BoLA typing results

SteerClass I haplotypeaClass IIa haplotypebDRB3 allelecDQA1 allelecDQA2 allelecDQB allelesc
A13DH23A2703d0101d22031d0103d + 1803d
C2A15 (A8)DH22H1101d10011dwsu2-2e1002d + 1402d
A20DH08A1201d12011d2201d1005 + 1201d
C3A14 (A8)DH11A0902d0204d0301
A20DH08A1201d12011d2201d1005 + 1201d
58A12 (A30)DH16A1501d10011d22021d0102 + 1101
A15 (A8)DH22H1101d10011dwsu2-2e1002d + 1402d
59A14 (A8)DH27A14011d1401d1401d
61A13DH23A2703d0101d22031d0103d + 1803d
A14 (A8)DH11A0902d0204d0301
62A12 (A30)DH16A1501d10011d22021d0102 + 1101
A14 (A8)DH11A0902d0204d0301
  • a Although the class I typing was done by microarray hybridization, the serological names have been used for the class I haplotypes (14).

  • b Class IIa (D-region) haplotypes (16, 42, 47, 53).

  • c Allele names are the official names assigned by the BoLA Nomenclature Committee (14, 54).

  • d Exon 2 sequence for this haplotype was confirmed at Washington State University (J. Y. Park, J. Norimine, and C. J. Davies, unpublished data).

  • e New allele that does not yet have an official name from the BoLA Nomenclature Committee (J. Norimine and C. J. Davies, unpublished data).

  • f The class II alleles from this haplotype have not been sequenced. This allele was assigned on the basis of microarray typing and needs confirmation.

  • g ND, not determined.