Previously tested vaccines for UPEC-mediated UTI.

Category/vaccine typeTested inbRoutecAdjuvantdImmune responseeProtectionfReference(s)
Surface structures
    O antigenRB, SCNDgHB275
    OMP fractionsSwissIM, OCFAC, HB155
    Dr fimbriaC3H/HeJNDCFA, IFAH89
    Type 1 fimbriaBALB/cIM, SCCFAH187
    FimC-H or FimHtC3H/HeJSCFA, IFAHB, K154
    Fim peptidesSwissIM, SCCFA, IFAHB256
    P fimbriaBALB/cIM, SCCFA, IFAHK, U186, 187, 231
    Pap peptidesBALB/cIM, SCCFA, IFAHU, K231
    Denatured HlyABALB/cIMCFA, IFAHK186
Iron acquisition
    Denatured IroNBALB/cSCNDHK223
    Native ChuACBA/JINCTC, H5
    Native IhaCBA/JINCTC, H5
    Native IroNCBA/JINCTC, H5
    Native HmaCBA/JINCTC, HB, K5
    Native IreACBA/JINCTC, HB, K5
    Native IutACBA/JINCTC, HB, K5
    SolcoUrovacBALB/cIP, VMOCB, K272
    SolcoUrovacC57BL/6IP, VMOCB, K272
    SolcoUrovacPIM, VMOHB270
    SolcoUrovacHIM, VNDHY91, 112, 114, 224, 266-269
    Uro-VaxomBALB/cIP, ONDC, HND15, 117, 233
    Uro-VaxomHONDHU, Y22, 51, 95, 156, 160, 232, 253
Live, live attenuated, or killed E. colia
    L NU14C57BL/6JTUNDC, HB260
    L and K CP9C57BL/6JINNDHND219
    L and K CP923C57BL/6JINNDHND219
    LA ΔwaaLC57BL/6JBNDNDB27
    K J96BALB/cIM, SCCFAH187
    K P678-54BALB/cIM, SCCFAH187
    K O6RVIFANB, K273
    K 1677PVMO, MDPHU265, 271
  • a L, live; LA, live attenuated; K, killed.

  • b If tested in mice, the strain is specified. R, rats; P, nonhuman primates; H, humans.

  • c B, bladder; IM, intramuscular; IN, intranasal; IP, intraperitoneal; O, oral; SC, subcutaneous; TU, transurethral; V, vaginal.

  • d AP, aluminum phosphate; CFA, complete Freund's adjuvant; CpG, CpG oligodeoxynucleotides; CT, cholera toxin; IFA, incomplete Freund's adjuvant; MDP, muramyl dipeptide; MO, mineral oil (for vaginal route only).

  • e C, cellular; H, humoral.

  • f K, reduction in kidney colonization/histopathology; B, reduction bladder colonization; —, no protection; Y, significant decrease in UTI incidence; U, reduction of UTI as determined by urinalysis.

  • g None disclosed.