C. albicans mutant strains used in this study

Description of strainStrainDefectReference
Glycosylation mutants of C. albicans
    mnt1Δ mnt2ΔNGY111O mannosylation25
    mnt1Δ mnt2Δ::MNT1NGY33525
    mnt3Δ mnt5ΔNGY1227Phosphomannosyltransferase N-mannan modification15
    mnt3Δ mnt5Δ::MNT3NGY122815
    mnt3Δ mnt5Δ::MNT5NGY122915
    mns1ΔHMY5α1,2-Mannosidase, terminal stage N mannosylation24
    mnn4ΔCDH15Phosphomannan synthesis16
    pmr1ΔNGY355Phosphomannan synthesis N and O mannosylation1
C. albicans hyphal cell wall protein mutants
    ece1ΔCAF6-8Hyphal cell wall protein4
    als3ΔCAYF178USurface adhesin30
    hwp1ΔCAH7 1A1E2Hyphal cell wall adhesin30
C. albicans hypha-deficient mutants
    clb2ΔYJB8447B-type mitotic cyclin3
    hgc1ΔWYZ12.2G1 cyclin44
    efg1ΔCA79cAMP pathway19
    cph1ΔJKC19MAP kinase cascade19
    efg1Δ cph1ΔHLC54cAMP and MAP kinase19