Proteins present in L140F strain gels but absent from ΔprsA2(L140F) mutant gels

Function or functional classGene no.Protein nameProtein descriptionNo. of peptide matches% coverageProtein scoreReference(s)
Virulence factorslmo0204ActAActin assembly-inducing protein14281239 18 and 54
lmo0202LLOListeriolysin-O22583398 83 and 86
lmo0205PlcBPhospholipase-C1332745 92 and 101
lmo0203MplZinc metalloproteinase precursor12.762 63, 64, 75, and 76
Detoxificationlmo0927IspBSulfatase family protein1332874 110
lmo0644Sulfatase family protein921526 110
Cell surface and cell wall metabolismlmo1540 N-Acetyl muramoyl l-alanine amidase1125522
lmo2505P45Peptidoglycan lytic protein311280 85
lmo2504Peptidase M48 family24.4273
Transport/binding proteins and lipoproteinslmo2416Conserved hypothetical lipoprotein420174