Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

TOP10E. coli host strain used for recombinant pPL2 plasmids
SM10E. coli host strain for conjugation of pPL2 plasmids
NF-L100L. monocytogenes 10403S parent strain
NF-L116710403S actA-gus-neo prfA(L140F)L140F strain116
NF-L165110403S with ΔprsA2::ermΔprsA2 mutant1
NF-L1656NF-L1651 (ΔprsA2::erm) with integrated pPL2-prsA2 (pNF1255)ΔprsA2 + pPL2-prsA2 mutant1
NF-L1483HEL 402-10403S with a prsA1 in-frame deletionΔprsA1 mutant1
NF-L1637NF-L1167 [prfA(L140F)] with ΔprsA2::ermprfA(L140F) ΔprsA2 mutant1
NF-L1631NF-L1438 (ΔprsA1) transduced with ΔprsA2::ermΔprsA1 ΔprsA2 mutantThis work
NF-L160510403S with a ΔhtrA in-frame deletionΔhtrA mutant113
NF-L1633NF-L1605 (ΔhtrA) transduced with ΔprsA2::ermΔhtrA ΔprsA2 mutantThis work
NF-L1665NF-L1633 (ΔhtrA ΔprsA2) with integrated pPL2-prsA2 (pNF1255)ΔhtrA ΔprsA2 + pPL2-prsA2 mutantThis work
NF-L1670NF-L1651 (ΔprsA2::erm) with integrated pPL2-PprsA2-prsA1 (pNF1611)ΔprsA2 + pPL2-PprsA2-prsA1 mutantThis work
pNF1255pPL2 containing the prsA2 open reading frame for complementationpPL2-prsA2 mutant1
pNF1611pPL2 containing PprsA2-prsA1 SOE productpPL2-PprsA2-prsA1 mutantThis work