Table 3.

MICs of antimicrobials, swimming motility, transduction efficiency, and virulence of S. Typhimurium strain χ3761 and its isogenic mutants

StrainP22 phage sensitivityaMIC (DOCb bile) (mg/ml)MIC (polymyxin B) (μg/ml)MIC (ox bile) (mg/ml)Motility (mm) on soft agarcLD50d
χ11308 (ΔwaaG42)1.30.15>203.5***>109
χ11309 (ΔwaaI43)2.50.08>204***>109
χ9945 (ΔrfaH49)+2.50.08>2017**>109
χ11310 (ΔwaaJ44)2.50.08>2015**>109
χ11312 (ΔwaaL46)2.50.3>2020**>109
χ11311 (ΔwbaP45)2.50.3>207***>109
χ9944 (Δwzy-48)2.50.3>2045>109e
χ3761+++100.6>20451 × 104
  • a −, resistant; + and +++, degrees of sensitivity as determined by transduction efficiency.

  • b DOC, deoxycholate.

  • c **, P < 0.01 compared with wild-type UK-1; ***, P < 0.001 compared with wild-type UK-1.

  • d LD50, median lethal dose.

  • e Some mice displayed symptoms (scruffy coat, lethargy) after inoculation with the Δwzy-48 strain but recovered after 14 days.