Table 4.

Vaccine efficacy of live attenuated S. Typhimurium CVD 1921 (S. Typhimurium I77 ΔguaBA ΔclpP) and CVD 1923 (S. Typhimurium I77 ΔguaBA ΔclpP ΔfliD) and S. Enteritidis vaccines CVD 1941 (S. Enteritidis R11 ΔguaBA ΔclpP) and CVD 1943 (S. Enteritidis R11 ΔguaBA ΔclpP ΔfliD)a

ImmunizationChallenge strainMortality ratebVaccine efficacy (%)P valuec
PBSS. Typhimurium I7715/15
CVD 19212/1486<0.001
CVD 19233/1580<0.001
PBSS. Enteritidis R1113/15
CVD 19413/1476<0.001
CVD 194310/15230.390
  • a Mice were immunized orally with 109 CFU three times, with 1 month between each immunization, and orally challenged 1 month later with 2×106 CFU (100 LD50s). The mice were monitored daily for 33 days.

  • b No. of dead mice/no. tested.

  • c Fisher's exact test (two-tailed).