Summary of vaccines developed in the murine model of genital infection with C. muridarum

YrAntigenaRoute of vaccinationbRoute of challengeAdjuvant/delivery systemcMouse strainReference
1994EBsi.nOvarian bursaNoneBALB/c75
1994MOMP, Hsp60s.c.VaginaIFABALB/cByJ8
1996EBsi.n.Ovarian bursaNoneBALB/c78
1997nMOMP, COMCs.c.Ovarian bursaCFA, IFABALB/c84
1998EBsIntravaginalVaginaDendritic cells pulsed ex vivoC57BL/10103
1999pMOMPi.m.Ovarian bursa, vaginaNoneBALB/c, C3H/HeN, C57BL/674
2000EBs, RBss.c., i.m.Ovarian bursaCFABALB/c82
2000EBsIntravaginalVaginaOxytetracycline (subclinical infection)C57BL/10104
2001nMOMPs.c., i.m.Ovarian bursaIFA, CFABALB/c83
2002rMOMPIntravaginalVaginaDendritic cells pulsed ex vivoC57BL/1095
2003EBsi.n.Ovarian bursaNoneC3H/HeN, BALB/c, C57BL/677
2003nMOMPs.c., i.m.Ovarian bursaOspAC3H/HeN, BALB/c76
2004rMOMPTranscutaneousVaginaCpG-1826, CTBALB/c7
2005EBsi.n.VaginaNoneBALB/c (newborn)79
2005nMOMPs.c., i.m.Ovarian bursaCpG-1826, Montanide ISA 720BALB/c80
2006nMOMPs.c., i.m., i.n.Ovarian bursaLT-R72, MF59, LT-K63C3H/HeN, BALB/c81
2006rMOMPi.n., intravaginalVaginaCTBBALB/c96
2006rCPAFi.n.VaginaIL-12HLA-DR4 (transgenic)67
2007EBs (plasmid-deficient)IntravaginalVaginaNoneC3H/HeouJ71
2007DNAexpression libraryAbdominalVaginaGene gunBALB/c53
2007rCPAF, rMOMP, rIncAi.n.VaginaIL-12BALB/c49
2008rMOMPs.c.VaginaCAF01BALB/c, C57BL/61
2009rMOMPi.n.VaginaVault nanoparticlesC57BL/617
2009rMOMPTranscutaneousVaginaCT, CpG-1826, lipid CBALB/c34
2009rTARP, EBsi.m.VaginaCpG-1826, IFABALB/c112
2009rCPAFi.n.VaginaCpG-1826C57BL/6, μMT65
2009rMOMPi.m., intravaginal, transcutaneousVaginaCTA2B, VCGC57BL/628
2009RplF, PmpE/F2IntravaginalVaginaDendritic cellsC57BL/6118
2010rCPAF, inactivatedi.n.VaginaIL-12BALB/c16
2010rMOMP, PmpG1, RplF, PmpE/F2s.c.VaginaDDA/TBD, AbISCO, CpG-1826C57BL/6, BALB/c119
2010rMOMPOralVaginaLipid C, CpG-1826, CTBALB/c33
2010CTH1s.c.VaginaCAF01C3H/HeN, CB6F173
2010rCPAF + EBs (UV inactivated)i.n.VaginaCpG-1826BALB/c50
2010nMOMPs.c., i.m.VaginaCpG-1826, Montanide ISA 720C57BL/629
  • a MOMP, major outer membrane protein (native, recombinant, plasmid); Hsp60, 60-kDa heat shock protein; COMC, outer membrane complex; CPAF, chlamydial protease-like activity factor; IncA, inclusion membrane protein A; pgp3, secreted plasmid protein encoded by pORF5; TARP, putative type III secretion effector protein; RplF, ribosomal protein L6; Pmp, polymorphic membrane protein; CTH1, fusion protein of OmcB and rl16s.

  • b i.n., intranasal; s.c., subcutaneous; i.m., intramuscular.

  • c IFA, incomplete Freund's adjuvant; CFA, complete Freund's adjuvant; VCG, Vibrio cholerae ghosts; OspA, Borrelia burgdorferi outer surface protein A; CT, cholera toxin; CpG-1826, unmethylated bacterial oligodeoxynucleotide; Montanide ISA 720, water in oil adjuvant; LT-R72, mutated heat-labile enterotoxin from Escherichia coli; MF-59, oil in water adjuvant; LT-K63, E. coli heat-labile enteroxin; CAF01 (DDA/TDB), liposomal adjuvant containing the synthetic mycobaterial immunomodulator TDB; CTAI-DD, a toxin-based adjuvant constructed of the cholera toxin A1 subunit directly liked to a dimer of the B cell targeting moiety D from protein A of Staphylococcus aureus; lipid C, a lipid-based matrix composed of purified and fractionated triglycerides; CTA2B, modified cholera toxin consisting of A2, the nontoxic cleavage product of the A subunit, and the nontoxic B subunit; AbISCO, an immune-stimulating complex.