Effect of antibiotic type, dose, and NA supplementation on the recovery time of B. thailandensis persister populationsa

Experimental conditionRecovery time (days) in LB medium
Mpm (50 µg/ml)4
Tmp (400 µg/ml)4
Oflx (50 µg/ml)5
Oflx (100 µg/ml)10
Mpm (50 µg/ml) and 4 µM NA in medium5
Mpm (50 µg/ml), neutrophils7
Mpm (50 µg/ml), neutrophils, 4 µM NA in medium7
Mpm (50 µg/ml), neutrophils, 25 µM NA in medium12
Mpm (50 µg/ml), neutrophils pretreated with 50 µM NA, 4 µM NA in medium15
  • a All experiments were independently repeated at least three times.