Physicochemical properties of CS6 subunit fusions

ProteinTheoretical mol wta (kDa)Purityb (%)Yieldc (mg/g)Tm (°C)HPLC-SEC
Peak retention time(s) (min)Mol wt (kDa)dOligomeric state
CssA fusions
    dscACssAA34.0951.349.9, 75.39.334.2Monomeric
    dscBCssAB35.0988.958.8, 74.57.5, 8.0, 9.245.7, 94.6Multimeric
    dscACssABA50.4952.154.3, 758.559.2Monomeric
    dscBCssABB51.3944.059.5, 747.2, 7.5, 8.567.4, 132Multimeric
Refined CssAB fusions
    ntd_dscBCssAB33.3993.859, 74.69.334.1Monomeric
    ntd_dscACssAB33.2973.769.7, 76.19.433.9Monomeric
CssB fusions
    dscBCssBB35.81002.758, 92.68.1, 9.237.5, 94Multimeric
    dscACssBA34.8914.369.2, 74.77.7, 8.2, 9.539.8, 93Multimeric
    dscACssBAA50.4901.071.8, 77.67.1, 8.0141Multimeric
    dscBCssBAB51.3891.259.7, 75.57.6, 8.0, 8.663.1Multimeric
    dscACssBBA51.2910.559, 71.4, 767.2, 7.9, 8.965.4, 122.7Multimeric
Refined CssBA fusions
  • a The theoretical molecular weight of each protein was determined from the primary amino acid sequence.

  • b Protein purity was determined by densitometric measurements of the protein separated on an SDS-PAGE gel.

  • c Milligrams of protein obtained per gram of wet bacterial cell paste lysed.

  • d The experimental molecular weight was determined using the refractive index of molecules eluting from the HPLC-SEC column.