Selected proteins that TMT-MS/MS analysis shows have increased expression in the MAV TIGR4.1 preparation compared to the TIGR4 HKL preparationa

SP no.ProteinFold changeReference(s)
Heat shock proteins
    SP_0338Putative ATP-dependent Clp protease, ATP binding2.6751
    SP_0517Chaperone protein (DnaK)4.3362, 63
    SP_0516Protein GrpE (GrpE)3.0364, 65
    SP_0519Chaperone protein (DnaJ)2.3766, 67
    SP_190660-kDa chaperonin (GroL)2.9568
    SP_190710-kDa chaperonin (GroS)3.5669
Known immunogens
    SP_0082Cell wall surface anchor family protein (PavB)5.3370
    SP_0148ABC transporter, substrate-binding protein3.1071, 72
    SP_0149ABC transporter substrate-binding protein (MetQ)2.5271, 73
    SP_0629l,d-carboxypeptidase (DacB)3.9474
    SP_0845Nucleoside ABC transporter protein2.3775
    SP_1032Iron compound ABC transporter (PiaA)2.2236, 76
    SP_1650Manganese ABC transporter lipoprotein (PsaA)4.0377, 78
    SP_2093Putative uncharacterized membrane protein2.7879
    SP_2108Maltose/maltodextrin-binding protein (MalX)3.1972
  • a Only proteins with an increased fold change of 2 and above are shown.