Cutaneous alterations in response to “Ca. Rickettsia andeanae” and R. parkeri at the tick infestation site

AnimalScorea at the indicated time (dpa)
Epidermal necrosisDermatitisPanniculitisAnti-Rickettsia IHC
Ca. Rickettsia andeanae” 10+++++0+++++0+++*+++*000
Ca. Rickettsia andeanae” 2++++0+++++0+++*+++*000
Ca. Rickettsia andeanae” 30++0+++++++++++++000
R. parkeri 10+++++++++++++*+++*+++*++++++
R. parkeri 2+++++++++++++++*+++*+++*++++++
Uninfected tickNDND+NDND++NDND+++NDNDND
  • a Histopathological findings associated with Rickettsia-infected tick feeding in rats. Scores are as follows: 0, absence of the specified parameter; +, mild histologic change (finding is rare to infrequent at high power); ++, moderate histologic change (change is found in multiple high-power fields, or large foci are present in selected areas); +++, marked histologic change (changes are frequently observed in multiple high-power fields, or change is severe in focal areas); ND, not determined. Asterisks indicate diffuse inflammation, as opposed to perivascular inflammation (indicated by the lack of an asterisk). Each score at each time point represents findings for one individual rat.