Table 6.

1H and 13C NMR chemical shifts for the core OS from wild-type NT127 (WT) and lic2B mutant strain NTlic2B (Δlic2B)

StrainResidueChemical shiftaNOE
H-1 (C-1)H-2 (C-2)H-3 (C-3)H-4 (C-4)H-5 (C-5)H-6 (C-6)H-7 (C-7)InterconnectivityIntraconnectivity
WT and Δlic2B mutantHep II5.83 (99.5)4.28 (79.4)4.07 (77.4)NDND4.58 (74.6)3.90, 3.77 (60.4)4.00 Hep I H-34.28 H-2
WTα-Glc5.28 (100.6)3.60 (71.8)3.89 (70.7)3.74 (78.1)NDND4.07 Hep II H-33.60 H-2
Δlic2B mutantα-Glc5.28 (100.9)3.55 (71.9)3.77 (72.8)3.52 (69.3)NDND4.07 Hep II H-33.55 H-2
WTβ-Gal4.48 (104.5)3.55 (71.1)3.67 (72.6)3.92 (69.7)NDND3.74 α-Glc H-43.67 H-3
  • a Data were recorded at 25°C relative to internal acetone at 2.225 ppm for the 1H shifts and at 31.07 ppm for the 13C shifts. ND, not determined.