Table 1.

S. epidermidis strains used in this study

S. epidermidis strainDescriptionReference
1457Biofilm-positive, PIA-producing strain29
1457-M10S. epidermidis 1457 carrying Tn917 in icaA; PIA and biofilm negative28
5179Biofilm-negative isolate from cerebrospinal fluid shunt infection; expresses unprocessed Aap35
5179-R1Biofilm-positive subpopulation of S. epidermidis 5179; biofilm formation through Aap processing35
1585vBiofilm-positive subpopulation of S. epidermidis 1585; biofilm formation through upregulation of Embp15
M135Biofilm-negative mutant derived from S. epidermidis 1585v; carries a Tn917 insertion within embp5
1585(pTXicaADBC)Expression of icaADBC and PIA production in trans induces biofilm formation5
1585(pRBaapT)Expression of Aap domain B in trans induces biofilm formation35
1585Pxyl/tetembpInduction of embp expression results in biofilm formation5