Table 1.

Ebp pilin subunit gene characteristics in 54 E. faecalis isolates

GeneLength (nt)No. of alleles (nt)aNo. of amino acid types% identitybNo. of polymorphismsdN/dS ratioc
ebpA3,414 to 3,438322998.8 to 99.99152d570.13
ebpB1,431272498.4 to 99.9967e310.27
ebpC1,884232098.8 to 99.9966e250.13
7 housekeeping genes395 to 583f8 to 19NDgND7–20ND0 to 0.07
  • a Nucleotide sequence types.

  • b Percent identities between different nucleotide types (alleles).

  • c dN/dS, a measure for estimating whether a particular sequence is under selection pressure: dN/dS < 1, nonsynonymous mutations are under negative (purifying) selection; dN/dS = 1, all changes are neutral; dN/dS > 1, substitutions are driven by positive (diversifying) selection.

  • d One hundred twenty-eight point mutations and 24 insertion or deletion changes.

  • e All point mutations.

  • f Region used for MLST analysis.

  • g ND, not determined.