Table 4.

Selected bacterial molecular chaperones and their signaling/functional actions

BacteriumaProteinSignaling activityReference
M. tuberculosisCpn60.2Activates monocyte cytokine synthesis60
Cpn60.2As above but fails to activate macrophages143
Cpn60.2Cell surface protein involved in macrophage binding82
Cpn60.2Cell surface protein binding macrophage CD4383
Cpn60.1Activates monocyte cytokine synthesis112
Cpn60.1Inhibits osteoclast formation191
Cpn60.1Stimulates multinucleate giant cell formation38
Cpn60.1Inhibits murine exptl asthma154
Cpn60.1Stimulates formation of granulomas85
Cpn60.1Inhibits PPD-induced IL-12 synthesis98
Cpn60.1DNA binding protein18
DnaKStimulates CD8 lymphocyte chemokine production111
DnaKStimulates monocyte chemokine synthesis and dendritic cell maturation by binding CD40182
DnaKBinds to HIV coreceptor CCR557
DnaKCompetes with HIV for binding to CCR513
DnaKPlasminogen binding protein195
M. smegmatisCpn60.1Essential for biofilm formation135
M. lepraeCpn60.2Inhibits murine exptl asthma153
H. pyloriCpn60Surface location controls bacterial growth198
Cpn60Stimulates monocyte cytokine synthesis by TLR2171
Cpn60Stimulates epithelial cell cytokine synthesis via TLR2205
Cpn60Stimulates macrophage cytokine synthesis; no TLR involvement66
Cpn60Adhesin for human epithelial cells92
PPIInduces apoptosis of gastric epithelial cells17
PPIActivates monocyte IL-6 synthesis141
C. pneumoniaeCpn60Activates monocyte cytokine synthesis107
Cpn60Oxidation of LDL91
Cpn60Stimulation of vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation159
Cpn60Activates human vascular endothelial cells29
Cpn60Murine dendritic cell maturation43
Cpn60In vivo promotion of neutrophil accumulation44
Cpn60Human monocyte-derived dendritic cell maturation12
Cpn60Cell adhesin193
Cpn60Inhibition of vascular endothelial cell NO synthesis49
Cpn60Local administration induces lung inflammation29
F. tularensisCpn60More active monocyte activator than LPS and synergizes with LPS133
A. actinomycetemcomitansCpn60Stimulation of bone resorption105
E. coliCpn60Stimulation of osteoclastogenesis149
Cpn60Stimulation of monocyte cytokine synthesis170
E. aerogenesCpn60Insect neurotoxin202
  • a M. leprae, Mycobacterium leprae; A. actinomycetemcomitans, Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans; E. aerogenes, Enterobacter aerogenes.