Table 1.

Properties of the murine anti-fHbp MAbs

MAb (references)cIgG subclassBactericidal activityInhibition of fH bindingfHbp epitope
Amino acid(s)aBinding to fHbp amino acid sequence variantb
ID 1ID 9ID 74
JAR 3 (8, 48)IgG3Human or Rabbit C+Gly121, Lys122+++++
JAR 5 (8, 48)IgG2bRabbit C only+Gly121, Lys122+++++
MAb502 (17, 41)IgG2aRabbit C onlyArg204++++
  • a fHbp mutants with amino acid substitutions at these positions lost or gained MAb binding (5, 8). In addition, for MAb502, the amide signals of Gly148, Arg149, and Ala174 showed chemical shifts by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) upon binding with fHbp (41).

  • b Relative binding compared to fHbp ID 1 measured by quantitative Western blotting with integrated intensities of the bands measured by an infrared scanner (38). ++, ≥100% compared to ID 1; +, 52 to 62% compared to ID 1; −, <3% compared to ID 1.

  • c The GenBank accession numbers for VL and VH genes of MAb502 are EU835941 and EU835942, respectively; those for JAR 5 are JF715927 and JF715926; and those for JAR 3 are JF715929 and JF715928.