Table 1

Adherence factors included in this study

Protein categoryLocusaProteinFunction/substrateReference(s)
AgI/II familysag1283Ssp-5Agglutinin receptor27, 49
ALP familysag0433RibCell surface protein44, 45
Enzymessag0823GapNGAPDH,b NADH dependent16
sag1197HylBHyaluronate lyase, degrades ECM that is abundant in placental tissues21, 29
sag1768GAPDHPlasminogen-binding protein27, 40
sag1790DltAIncorporation of d-Ala into LTAc26, 28
Fibrinogen-binding proteinsag0832FbsBFibrinogen binding10, 31
sag1052FbsAFibrinogen binding31, 37, 48
sag1127FibFibrinogen-binding, streptokinase-like protein24
Fibrinogen-binding protein (cleavage)sag2053CspASerine protease that generates a fibrin-like product by cleavage of fibrinogen11
Fibronectin-binding proteinsag1190PavAFibronectin binding25
sag1236ScpBFibronectin binding4
Laminin-binding proteinsag1233LmbLaminin binding43
Host cell-binding proteinsag1462Srr1Serine-rich repeat family, binding to human keratin 4 and epithelial cells.27, 32, 50
sag2063BibABinding to human C4-binding protein and epithelial cells36
Regulatory functionsag1463 (sal1543)RgaRegulation of binding to keratin 4, fibrinogen, and epithelial cells33
sag1490RovSRegulation of binding to fibrinogen and epithelial cells34
sag1792DltRRegulation of d-Ala LTA biosynthesis8, 28
sag1957, sag1958, sag1959RgfA, RgfB, RgfCrgfBDAC regulatory system, regulation of fbsA and fbsB and binding to fibrinogen1, 42
Transport and binding proteinssag1007Iron compound-binding protein, ABC transporter16
sag1466GlnPGlutamine ABC transporter, glutamine-binding protein/permease protein16
sag1467GlnQGlutamine ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein47
Other adhesinssag0765Penicillin-binding protein 2b16
sag1331Sar5R5 protein, surface antigen49
sag1350Unidentified surface antigen16
sag0971Lipoprotein of unknown function16
  • a Locus numbers refer to the genome sequence of GBS strain 2603 (49).

  • b GAPDH, glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase.

  • c LTA, lipoteichoic acid.