Table 3

Adherence factors regulated by CsrR in group B Streptococcus

LocusaGeneRelative expression (log2)bFunction
sag0832fbsB9.48.4Fibrinogen binding
sag1007sag10071.92.2Iron compound binding
sag1052fbsA7.19.0Fibrinogen binding
sag1127fib−1.61.2Fibrinogen binding
sag1233lmb1.11.0Laminin binding
sag1236scpB4.23.0Fibronectin binding
sag1331sar51.40.2R5 protein surface antigen
sag1462srr-11.22.0Serine-rich repeat family, binding to human keratin 4 and epithelial cells
sag1790dltA0.61.6Biosynthesis of d-Ala lipoteichoic acid
sag1792dltR1.11.0Regulation of d-Ala lipoteichoic acid biosynthesis
sag1957rfgA2.01.3Regulator of rgfAC system
sag1959rfgC−1.51.0Sensor of rgfAC system
sag2053cspA−0.5−1.2Fibrinogen binding (cleavage)
sag2063bibA9.38.4Binding to human C4-binding protein and epithelial cells
  • a Locus names refer to the genome sequence of GBS strain 2603 (49).

  • b Values represent log2 n-fold differences in transcript abundance in 2603ΔcsrR or 515ΔcsrR relative to that in 2603 or 515, respectively.