Table 2

Plasmids used in this work

PlasmidDescriptionSource or reference
pMYT769Integrative plasmid carrying the pristinamycin-dependent inducible system; Smr14
pMYT790pMYT769 derivative in which whiB5 is under transcriptional control of the inducible ptr promoter; SmrThis work
pJV53Recombineering plasmid for whiB5 mutant construction; Kmr40
pSC22Plasmid containing the DNA allelic exchange substrate (AES) used for whiB5 gene replacement; HygrThis work
pSC25Integrative plasmid carrying whiB5 with its upstream region used to complement the whiB5 mutant; KmrThis work
pSC43Derivative of the replicative plasmid pMV4-36 expressing gfp from the whiB5 promoter region; Hygr Kmr SmrThis work