Table 1

Strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidDescriptionReference
B. pseudomallei strains
    K96243Clinical isolate from Thailand23
    K96243 ΔrelAInactivation of BPSL1946 (relA) by complete deletionThis study
    K96243 ΔrelA ΔspoTInactivation of BPSL1946 (relA) and BPSL2561 (spoT) by complete deletionThis study
    576Clinical isolate from Thailand2
    2D2Auxotroph transposon mutant of B. pseudomallei 5763
E. coli strains
    DH5 ΔpirrecA1 gyrA (Nal) Δ(lacIZYA-argF) (ϕ80dlacΔ[lacZ]M15) pirRK643
    S17-1 ΔpirRPA-2 tra regulon; pirRK6 Smr Tpr43
    pDM4Suicide vector with R6K origin; Cmr29
    pDM4-ΔrelA600 bp up- and downstream of relA cloned into pDM4 via XhoI/SphI sitesThis study
    pDM4-ΔspoT600 bp up- and downstream of spoT cloned into pDM4 via SalI/XmaI sitesThis study