Table 2

Bacteremia in RMs and AGMs following exposure to B. pseudomallei

SpeciesBacteremia parameterPrevalence and magnitude of bacteremia on each day postexposurea
RMPrevalence (no. with bacteremia/total no.)4/101/101/102/81/40/30/30/30/20/20/20/2
Magnitude (median CFU/ml)101040148010NANANANANANANA
AGMPrevalence (no. with bacteremia/total no.)1/101/101/105/92/40/20/10/1NANANANA
Magnitude (median CFU/ml)20101002020NANANANANANANA
  • a All bacteremia before day 3 was detected when blood was collected every 8 h. NA, not applicable.

  • b Bacteremia was detected at 24 h (two RMs), 32 h (one RM and one AGM), and 40 h (one RM) postexposure.

  • c Bacteremia was detected at 56 h postexposure.