Table 1

Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain(s) or plasmidDescriptionSource or reference(s)
E. coli strains
    DH5α and HB101Strains used for general cloning proceduresInvitrogen
    DY380DH10B derivative containing a defective λ prophage in which the red, bet, and gam genes are controlled by the temp-sensitive λcI857 repressor30
H. ducreyi strains
    35000HPHuman-passaged variant of strain 3500031
    HD183Class I clinical isolate; Singapore, 198232, 33
    HD188Class I clinical isolate; Kenya, 198232, 33
    82-029362Class I clinical isolate; California, 198232, 33
    6644Class I clinical isolate; Massachusetts, 198932, 33
    85-023233Class I clinical isolate; New York, 198532, 33
    CIP542 ATCCClass II clinical isolate; Hanoi, Vietnam, 195434, 35
    HMC112Class II clinical isolate; 198435
    33921Class II clinical isolate; Kenya32
    DMC64Class II clinical isolate; Bangladesh35
    35000HPΔcsrA35000HPcsrA unmarked, in-frame deletion mutantThis study
    FX51735000dsrA::cat insertion mutant36
    pDG1pCR-XL-TOPO containing the csrA-coding region along with 0.5-kb flanking regionsThis study
    pRSM2832Plasmid containing spectinomycin resistance cassette flanked by the FRT sites40
    pRSM2072H. ducreyi suicide vector37
    pLS88H. ducreyi shuttle vector38
    pcsrApLS88 derivative containing the csrA ORF flanked by 200-bp upstream and 17-bp of downstream sequencesThis study
    pRSM2975Plasmid containing the origin of replication and kanamycin-resistance gene from pLS88 and the FLP recombinase gene from pFT-A and a point mutation conferring a temp-sensitive phenotype in H. ducreyi12