Table 1

Identification of chicken cecal proteases by LC/MS/MS

Protease hits (NCBI accession no.; protein description)1 wk5 wkaTrend in relative abundance from 1 wk to 5 wkb
Mascot scoreemPAIMascot scoreemPAI
gi|118101154; predicted similar to MGC80117 protein (chymotrypsin C) (Gallus gallus)c2,7192.811,1432.37Decrease
gi|272753691; aminopeptidase N (Gallus gallus)2,6972.441,4991.46Decrease
gi|50752241; predicted similar to procarboxypeptidase B (Gallus gallus)1,5542.111,0321.67Decrease
gi|45383013; carboxypeptidase A1 preproprotein (Gallus gallus)9661.55310.84Decrease
gi|118090349; predicted similar to aminopeptidase A (Gallus gallus)7380.551210.14Decrease
gi|326911021; predicted carboxypeptidase A2-like (Meleagris gallopavo)5270.61350.24Decrease
gi|71895185; dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (Gallus gallus)4420.521650.13Decrease
gi|157817197; chymotrypsin-like elastase family member 2A (Gallus gallus)c3471.627562.75Increase
gi|25814806; trypsinogen (Gallus gallus)c2650.37651.18Increase
gi|326927553; dipeptidase 1 (Meleagris gallopavo)2410.26XXNA
gi|118096208; predicted similar to chymotrypsinogen A (Gallus gallus)c1440.65630.29Decrease
gi|118124356; similar to chymotrypsinogen 2 precursor, partial (Gallus gallus)c1020.45540.45Equal
gi|118089320; predicted similar to aminopeptidase P (Gallus gallus)700.14XXNA
gi|118083765; predicted similar to enteropeptidase (Gallus gallus)c650.07XXNA
gi|119331076; Xaa-Pro dipeptidase (Gallus gallus)530.07XXNA
gi|326924266; predicted Xaa-Pro aminopeptidase 2-like (Meleagris gallopavo)510.05XXNA
  • a X, undetected.

  • b NA, not applicable.

  • c Serine proteases and remaining enzymes are metalloproteases.