Table 2

Pairwise nucleotide comparison among five Anaplasma marginale sensu stricto strains and the vaccine strain

Strain comparisonNo. of nucleotide differencesaTotal no. of nucleotide differencesb
omp5 (AM_1139)omp7 (AM_1220)omp9 (AM_1222)omp10 (AM_1223)omp11 (AM_1255)omp12 (AM_1257)omp13 (AM_1258)omp14 (AM_075)
St. Maries vs Florida741601217226818317
St. Maries vs Oklahoma541761515167320306
St. Maries vs South Idaho46162427111425208
St. Maries vs Washington -Okanogan010215152243107
Florida vs Oklahoma2612854363114217
Florida vs South Idaho7012762135152239353
Florida vs Washington -Okanogan7412772300008311
Oklahoma vs South Idaho50165591531141539388
Oklahoma vs Washington -Okanogan5416569323631110380
South Idaho vs Washington -Okanogan410215152243111
Vaccine strain vs St. Maries2473373913813171972862962,452
Vaccine strain vs South Idaho2463443883813152002773162,467
Vaccine strain vs Washington -Okanogan2473433883693151942692902,415
Vaccine strain vs Oklahoma2313633903903161932852972,465
Vaccine strain vs Florida232370390393131942802952,113
  • a The gene identified and locus tag (AM number) refer to the St. Maries strain reference genome (NC004842).

  • b The total numbers of nucleotide differences between the two strains being compared are shown in boldface type.