Summary of animals infected by chlamydiae with natural route of transmission and evidence for gastrointestinal infection

SpeciesTransmissionPrimary chlamydial speciesIntestinal infectionLength of intestinal infectionaReference
Parrots/parakeetsRespiratory; fecal/oralC. psittaciYesLong-termMeyer & Eddie (2)
SheepFecal/oralC. abortisYes3 yearsKawakami et al. (10), Dungworth and Cordy (11), Storz & Thornley (12)
CattleFecal/oralC. pecorumYes4–6 monthsYork & Baker (8)
PigFecal/oralC. suisYesLong termKölbl (13)
GoatFecal/oralC. abortis, C. pecorumYesLong termOmori et al. (9)
MouseFecal/oralC. muridarumYes100–285 daysPerry & Hughes (24) Igietseme et al. (25) Yeruva et al. (26)
Guinea pigFecal/oral?C. caviae?
KoalaGenitalC. pneumoniae; C. pecorum?
  • a Length of infection is given at times the investigators tested in controlled infection studies. Long-term indicates that the infection was present in animals when sampled but a definitive time course experiment was not conducted.