QTL analysis of NO plasma levels control by NOS2 SNPs in asymptomatic carriersa

SNP no.SNP referenceGene regionAllelesbGenotypesGenotype nb (n = 84)Mean NO levelMean difference (95% CI)Padj
10rs3729508Intron 7*A/GGG/AG/AA42/31/957.06/60.27/101.0916.30 (4.28–28.31)9.49E–03
12rs6505469Intron 5T/AAA/TA/TT41/32/955.39/62.32/101.0917.04 (5.03–29.06)6.80E–03
15rs3794767Intron 2T/CCC/TC/TT45/30/657.56/65.43/99.2314.70 (1.50–27.9)3.21E–02
20rs8078340PromoterA/GGG/AG/AA41/30/1265.82/63.27/55.81–5.43 (–17.01–6.14)0.3602
21rs11080358PromoterA/GGG/AG/AA41/36/666.22/61.68/55.17–5.99 (–19.34–7.35)0.3813
  • a Analysis was performed using the log-additive model, and the results were adjusted for age and gender (Padj). Significant P values are highlighted in boldface. Introns denoted by asterisks are discussed in Table 2, footnote b.

  • b Indicated as minor/major frequency alleles.