MG192 variants and strain typing of M. genitalium clinical specimens

Region and patient no.aSpecimen no.Date (mo/day/yr)MG192 sequenceGenotype
No. of clones sequencedUnique sequence variant(s)bMG309 STR no.MG191 type no.c
    6464.06/10/20021464.0a10, 11, 124
64.16/21/2002964.1b10, 11, 124
    111111.08/5/20025111.0a, 111.0b, 111.0c*1351
111.29/10/20025111.2d*, 111.2e, 111.2f1351
    168168.011/18/20027168.0a*, 168.0b, 168.0c$, 168.0d1044
168.112/3/20025168.1e$, 168.1f, 168.1g*1044
    199199.01/28/200310199.0a, 199.0b, 199.0c104
199.12/7/200318199.1d, 199.1e, 199.1f104
    314134/30/2001731.0a, 31.0b, 31.0c1661
6881/14/2002631.3d, 31.3e1661
4205/7/2001661.2b, 61.2c, 61.2d, 61.2e, 61.2f172
9529/30/20026105.2b, 105.2c, 105.2d, 105.2e, 105.2f1362
    126126.010/23/200110126.0a, 126.0b, 126.0c, 126.0d164
126.11/15/200210126.1e, 126.1f, 126.1g, 126.1h, 126.1i, 126.1j, 126.1k164
126.26/26/200210126.2l, 126.2 m, 126.2n, 126.2o, 126.2p164
126.39/17/200210126.3q, 126.3r, 126.3s, 126.3t, 126.3u, 126.3v, 126.3w, 126.3x164
126.412/3/200210126.4.1, 126.4.2, 126.4.3, 126.4.4, 126.4.5, 126.4.6, 126.4.7, 126.4.8, 126.4.9164
    13696110/7/20025136.0a, 136.0b, 136.0c, 136.0d1363
105012/30/20026136.1e, 136.1f, 136.1g, 136.1h, 136.1i1363
    16598210/22/20026165.0a, 165.0b, 165.0c, 165.0d124
12617/8/20035165.2e, 165.2f, 165.2g124
23913/21/20056172.2b, 172.2c, 172.2d, 172.2e, 172.2f88
    32523002/11/20056325.0a, 325.0b, 325.0c, 325.0d, 325.0e108
  • a LA, Louisiana; IN, Indiana.

  • b Sequences identical in specimens from the same patients are indicated by the same symbols (* or $).

  • c According to the numbering systems of Hjorth et al. (27) and Cazanave et al. (47).