Bacterial strains and treatments used in the in vitro studies (14)

E. coli strainaTreatmentDescriptionSourcebReference(s)
CL56 (EHEC O157:H7)BoiledNonviable with disrupted structureHC, HUS
ChloramphenicolInhibits bacterial protein synthesis2, 17
Formaldehyde fixedKills bacteria, maintains structural integrity
CL15 (O113:H21)LEE pathogenicity island absentHC, HUS38
86-24Wild-type EHECHC, HUS17
CVD 451Type III secretion-deficient mutant of parental strain 86-24Lab strain17
85-289Wild-type EHEC O157:H7HC, HUS17
85-170Stx1- and Stx2-negative mutant of parental strain 85-289Lab strain17
  • a The various strains of E. coli and related mutants were grown overnight on sheep blood agar from frozen stocks at 37°C, then grown overnight in Penassay broth, and used to infect model cell lines to delineate microbe-host cell interactions through signaling cross talk (14).

  • b HC, hemorrhagic colitis isolate; HUS, hemolytic uremic syndrome isolate.