Genes induced by lysozyme in a σV-dependent manner

Gene nameaFunction of corresponding proteinbFold changecP valued
cd0738Putative exported protein117.171.49E−07
cd0739Putative exported protein39.461.64E−09
cd0740Putative aminotransferase8.5041.66E−10
cd1101Putative mobilization protein4.121.01E−03
cd1114Hypothetical protein4.332.10E−03
cd1117Conserved hypothetical protein5.185.94E−04
cd1555Putative amino acid permease4.702.06E−03
cd1556 (pdaV)Putative polysaccharide deacetylase183.811.62E−09
cd1557 (prsA2)Putative peptidyl-prolyl isomerase14.271.85E−09
cd1558 (csfV)RNA polymerase σ factor125.41.00E−12
cd1559 (rsiV)Conserved hypothetical protein119.559.64E−12
cd1560Putative exported protein50.526.28E−10
cd1561Putative dehydrogenase accessory protein3.867.85E−09
cd1562Conserved hypothetical protein6.455.86E−09
cd1565Ketol-acid reductoisomerase3.103.14E−04
cd1605Conserved hypothetical protein3.279.60E−04
cd1606GntR family transcriptional regulator9.105.12E−07
cd1607ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein7.572.26E−07
cd1608Putative ABC transporter, permease protein10.51.71E−06
cd1609Putative exported protein9.011.29E−06
cd1610Putative membrane protein9.572.24E−06
cd1611Putative exported protein7.683.61E−06
cd3329Conjugative transposon conserved hypothetical protein3.163.97E−06
cd3339Conjugative transposon membrane protein7.281.05E−03
cd3342aConjugative transposon conserved hypothetical protein5.216.07E−04
cd3343Putative conjugative transposon replication initiation factor7.135.85E−04
cd3344Conjugative transposon-related FtsK/SpoIII-related protein3.881.10E−03
cd3345Conjugative transposon conserved hypothetical protein6.546.52E−04
cd3346Conjugative transposon conserved hypothetical protein8.544.56E−05
cd3384Conjugative transposon membrane protein3.019.60E−04
  • a Locus tags as listed in GenBank.

  • b Putative functions as determined by current annotation of the C. difficile genome.

  • c Fold changes (type C. difficile compared to the csfV mutant) are averages from three biological replicates, with each performed in technical duplicate. Fold changes signify expression that is increased in wild-type C. difficile compared to the csfV mutant.

  • d P values listed are averages from three biological replicates, with each done in technical replicates.