DBL1α-sequenced dominant var sequencesa

SegmentStrainProportion of reads amplified (%)PSI BLAST GenBank accession no.% identityAnnotation of similar sequence identified by BLAST
VARseg1CGS-17/15 (46.6)ACH53749.164Var UpsC
4/15 (26.6)ABD92262.197Var UpsA
2/15 (13.3)ADX61680.177PIK11 (Pikine, Senegal)
CGS-25/12 (41.6)ABM88755.165Isolate IT4/25/5
2/12 (16.6)ADX61998.173PIK45 (Pikine, Senegal)
2/12 (16.6)ADX61557.199PIK05 (Pikine, Senegal)
Non-CGS7/14 (50)ADX60873.173KIL04 (Kilifi, Kenya)
2/14 (14.3)ACH53720.177Var UpsC
2/14 (14.3)ADX61012.170KIL31 (Kilifi, Kenya)
VARseg2CGS-17/33 (21.2)ABD92262.199Var UpsA
5/33 (15.2)CAJ39106.186Patient 4140, sequence group 2, Kilifi, Kenya (2-Cys)
4/33 (12.1)CAJ39782.181Patient 4130, sequence group 3, Kilifi, Kenya (2-Cys)
4/33 (12.1)ABD92262.1100Var UpsA
CGS-210/32 (31.3)ABD92262.199Var UpsA
7/32 (21.9)ACH53883.167Isolate u24D163f9.1
4/32 (12.5)ACH53674.177Isolate u19B74r125.3, Var UpsB
Non-CGS16/27 (59.3)ABC95935.175Mali, uncomplicated isolate
2/27 (7.4)bABC95940.191Mali, uncomplicated isolate
2/27 (7.4)bCAJ40536.1100Patient 4187, sequence group 4, Kilifi, Kenya (4-Cys)
VARseg3CGS-16/14 (42.9)ADX61607.186PIK07 (Pikine, Senegal)
5/14 (35.7)ADX61607.187PIK07 (Pikine, Senegal)
2/14 (14.3)ADX61607.187PIK07 (Pikine, Senegal)
CGS-23/11 (27.3)ADX60838.171KIL23 (Kilifi, Kenya)
3/11 (27.3)ADX60703.169KIL09 (Kilifi, Kenya)
1/11 (9.0)bADX61607.187PIK07 (Pikine, Senegal)
Non-CGS15/22 (68.2)ADX61664.166PIK10 (Pikine, Senegal)
3/22 (13.6)ADX61664.166PIK10 (Pikine, Senegal)
3/22 (13.6)ACH53748.170Isolate s29C32r25.2, UpsC
  • a The three rows represent the three dominantly expressed var sequences for each parasite strain (CGS-1, CGS-2, and non-CGS) based on the results from 48 clones. Boldface sequences represent the dominant var expressed for each parasite isolate.

  • b The percentage of reads amplified falls below the 10% cutoff for a dominant transcript.