C. albicans white- and opaque-phase cells secrete significant concentrations of the aromatic alcohols phenethyl alcohol, tyrosol, and tryptophol

C. albicans WO-1 cell phaseMean μg aromatic alcohol/g (dry wt) ± SEMa
Phenethyl alcoholTryptopholTyrosol
White2,990 ± 803439 ± 36031.5 ± 16.7
Opaque732 ± 543198 ± 12.62.72 ± 2.14
  • a GC-MS analysis was performed on cell-free supernatants of C. albicans WO-1 white- and opaque-phase cells grown at 30°C aerobically in defined GPP medium until early stationary phase. Throughout, phenethyl alcohol, tyrosol, and tryptophol are expressed as micrograms per gram (dry weight) of fungal cells. Data are the averages from triplicate experiments.