Examples of C. albicans infections, host predisposing factors, and animal models for each DRF class

DRF classCandidal infection examplePrimary predisposing factor(s)Rodent model(s)
Class 1Oropharyngeal candidiasisImmunocompromised state (AIDS, cancer patients)Mouse oral infection model
Class 2Hematogenously disseminated candidiasisGI tract mucosal disturbances; intravenous catheters; surgery; use of broad-spectrum antibiotics; neutropenia and other immunosuppressed conditionsRodent intravenous, subcutaneous catheter and GI tract translocation models
Class 3Intra-abdominal candidiasisPeritoneal dialysis; bowel surgery; GI tract perforation; hepatobiliary leaksMouse peritonitis and abscess models
Class 4Gastrointestinal candidiasisImmune deficiency; cancer; antibiotic or immunosuppressive therapyMouse mucosal GI model
Class 5Denture stomatitisDenture usage; poor oral hygieneRat denture model
Class 6Vulvovaginal candidiasisAntibiotic or hormone therapy; estrogen replacement; vaginal microbiome dysbiosisRodent vaginal infection models