Comparison of Salmonella T3SS effectorsa

Secretion system or geneGenomic locationSecreting system(s)Presence or absence of T3SS effector system or protein in Salmonella strainb:
S. enterica subsp. salamae 3588/07S. enterica subsp. salamae 1582S. enterica subsp. salamae 1583S. enterica subsp. arizonae CDC346-86S. bongori 12419S. Typhimurium LT2
Secretion systems
    SPI-1 T3SS++++++
    SPI-2 T3SS+++++
Gene name
    sipA (sspA)SPI-1SPI-1++++++
    sipB (sspB)SPI-1SPI-1++++++
    sipC (sspC)SPI-1SPI-1++++++
    sopEfSopE, fSE12SPI-1+??
    sopB (sigD)SPI-5SPI-1F??+++
    slrPBBSPI-1 and -2+++
    sspHIRODSPI-1 and -2+??+@
    spvBpSLT plasmidSPI-2++
    sseI (srfH)fGifsy-2SPI-2++
    spiC (ssaB)SPI-2SPI-2+++++
    sboAfSB100S. bongori T3SS??+
    sboBRODS. bongori T3SS??+
    sboDRODS. bongori T3SS??+
    sboEDegenerate fS. bongori T3SS??
    sboFfSB100S. bongori T3SS??+
    sboGfSB101S. bongori T3SS??+
    sboHBBS. bongori T3SS2+
    sboIRODS. bongori T3SS+
    sboJRODS. bongori T3SS+
    sboKRODS. bongori T3SS+++
    sboLRODS. bongori T3SS2+
  • a Symbols and abbreviations: ?, presence not confirmed in the work of Desai et al. (12); +, present; −, absent; Ψ, pseudogene; BB, chromosomal backbone; ROD, region of difference/genomic island; @, of limited distribution in S. Typhimurium (30); &, carried on phage ST64B of other S. Typhimurium strains (23); F, sopB was missing in S. enterica subsp. salamae, but there is a fragment of approximately 180 bp that has 58 to 74% sequence similarity to sopB in the same genomic position found in S. bongori.

  • b Numbers 2, 4, and 5 indicate the number of loci at which the gene is predicted in the genome.