Proteins involved in attachment to lung epithelial cells identified from cell blots probed with CFBE41o or 16HBE14o cells

ProteinBCA designation, aliasFunctional categoryPredicted subcellular locationa (score)Strain(s) in which protein was identifiedMolecular mass (kDa)/pIbSequence coverage (%)Scorec
Linocin_M18 bacteriocin proteinBcen1404Encapsulating proteinCytoplasmic (8.96)B. cenocepacia BC7 and C1394; B. multivorans C1962 and LMG1301029.0/4.866–8587–215
OmpW family proteinL1829Membrane proteinOuter membrane (9.45)B. cenocepacia BC7 and C1394; B. multivorans C1962 and LMG1301022.9/7.873.2–85.984–143
Alkyl hydroperoxide reductaseL2013OxidoreductaseCytoplasmic (997)B. cenocepacia BC7 and C1394; B. multivorans LMG1301020.5/4.957.1–65.9115–137
Histone family protein DNA-binding proteinM1012DNA bindingUnknown (2)B. cenocepacia BC7 and C1394; B. multivorans LMG1301015.2/11.246.9–49.781
Acetoacetyl-CoA reductaseL0833, PhbBOxidoreductaseCytoplasmic (9.26)B. cenocepacia C1394; B. multivorans LMG1301028.4/7.753–6390–209
Hcp1 family type VI secretion system effectorL0343, BcsLSecretionExtracellular (10)B. cenocepacia C1394; B. multivorans C196218.5/6.952.1–8897–161
Heat shock protein Hsp20Bmul5914Stress responseCytoplasmic (8.96)B. cenocepacia BC7; B. multivorans LMG1301021.4/5.241.4–52.996–104
Hypothetical protein Bmul_4930M0843LipoproteindTransmembraneB. cenocepacia BC7; B. multivorans C196219.6/10.358.2–82124
OmpA/MotB domain-containing proteinL2645Membrane proteinOuter membrane (9.45)B. cenocepacia C1394; B. multivorans C196221.5/10.442
Oxidoreductase, aldo/keto reductase familyL0513OxidoreductaseCytoplasmic (9.97)B. cenocepacia BC738.2/5.869.5246
Putative universal stress proteinBURMUCGD2_RS23075Stress responseCytoplasmic (8.96)B. cenocepacia C1394; B. multivorans C196217.6/6.170.4–95.1196–285
Hypothetical protein Bmul_4929 (also known as protein of unknown function, DUF883, ElaB)M0844Membrane proteindMembranedB. multivorans C196213.9/7.878.985
Type VI secretion protein (97% homology between both GIs)L0341SecretionCytoplasmic (9.97)B. cenocepacia BC719.2/5.1–5.360.897–112
Ubiquinone/menaquinone biosynthesis methyltransferaseL0873, UbiEMethyltransferaseCytoplasmic (9.96)B. cenocepacia C139427.1/9.167.9–77.495–210
  • a Predicted subcellular localization determined by using PSORTb V3 ( (63).

  • b Theoretical molecular masses (kilodaltons) and isoelectric points were determined by Mascot analysis.

  • c Ranges represent MS/MS ion scores determined by peptide mass fingerprinting (64). Only scores that were deemed to be significant by Mascot analysis (P < 0.05) are reported.

  • d Functional category from UniProt and/or the Burkholderia Genome Database (42).