Epidemiology and host ranges of Salmonella Typhimurium pathovariants

Phage typeSequence typeHost range and epidemiologyReference(s)
DT9ST19Broad host range (primarily cattle), MDR epidemic strain 1960 to 197521
DT204ST19Broad host range (primarily cattle), MDR epidemic strain 1970 to 198521, 106
DT104ST19Broad host range (primarily cattle), MDR pandemic strain 1990 to 201021, 64, 98
DT193/DT120aST34Broad host range (primarily porcine), MDR pandemic 2005 to present21, 59
U288ST19Porcine, MDR epidemic clone in pigs, 2000 to present, rare in humans13, 107, 108
DT56varST568Wild birds (passerines)30, 67
DT2ST98Wild birds (pigeon), endemic in pigeon populations30, 109
DT160ST19Wild birds, extended outbreak in New Zealand, multiple hosts3133, 35
NDST313Disseminated disease in sub-Saharan Africa, 1960 to present43, 62
NDST213Emergent clone in Mexico in 200239
  • a S. 4,[5],12:i:−.