Table 2.

Effect of PhoP-PhoQ on bile, bile salt, and detergent MICa and MBCb

OrganismStrainBileDeoxycholate MICGlycochenodeoxy-cholate MICTaurocholate MICGlycocholate MICSDS MICTriton X-100 MIC
S. typhimurium Wild type18>60520202014.514.5
PhoP 6120.30.3101014.514.5
PhoPc 24>60520202014.514.5
S. typhi Wild type1218201020207.314.5
PhoP 6120.30.3557.314.5
PhoPc 15>60201020207.314.5
  • a Presented as percentage of bile, bile acid, or detergent.

  • b Presented as percentage of bile.