Table 1.

IFN-γ production by lymphocytes of mice immunized with vector DNA-64 and/or DNA-85B

ImmunogenaMean IFN-γ production ± SEMb (U/ml) after immunization with antigen:
DNA-6453.3 ± 3.1NDc
DNA-85BND34.0 ± 2.0
DNA-64 plus DNA-85B36.1 ± 4.043.1 ± 4.8
Control vector3.1 ± 2.22.8 ± 1.3
  • a Mice were immunized with 100 μg of DNA vaccine intramuscularly three times at 3-week intervals. Two weeks later, cytokine production was analyzed.

  • b Production of IFN-γ by spleen-derived lymphocytes from mice immunized i.m. with 10 μg of antigen/ml was measured in triplicate by ELISA.

  • c ND, not done.