Table 1.

Longevity of immunity memory after immunization withF. tularensis LVS

OrganMean ± SD CFU of F. tularensisLVS (log10) per sample at indicated time between rechallenge and immunizationa
None1 mo3 mo
Skin7.8 ± 0.12.3 ± 0.13.2 ± 0.5
Spleen5.8 ± 1.1BDLBDL
  • a The inoculum of the rechallenge was 5 × 105 CFU of F. tularensis LVS administered intradermally. The two groups were reinfected at the same time. Viable counts were determined 3 days after rechallenge for a group of four female, aged-matched mice. BDL, below detection limit (10 organisms/spleen).