Table 1.

Levels of anti-M1 serotype bactericidal antibodies in plasmaa

Study group (n)% Bactericidal activity (mean ± SEM)Pb
Healthy individuals (20)84 ± 5
All invasive cases (33)68 ± 50.0074
Severe invasive cases (21)72 ± 50.04c
Nonsevere invasive cases (12)63 ± 50.006c
  • a A bactericidal assay was conducted to assess the bactericidal anti-M1 antibodies in plasma specimens from either patients or controls. The assay was performed as described in Materials and Methods, the mean percentage of bactericidal activity was calculated, and the results were compared by using the Student t test (one tailed).

  • b Versus results for healthy controls.

  • c The difference between results for severe and nonsevere cases was not significant (P = 0.14).