Table 1.

TF expression in different models of endotoxemiaa

ModelExpression in:Reference
Baboon↑ Epithelial cells in glomeruli↑ Epithelial cells↑ Mφ, ↑ECNo change 8
Mouse↑ Tubular cells, glomeruli negative↑ Epithelial cellsNANo change 21, 33
RatNA↑ Monocytes, EC negativeNANA 14
Rabbit↑ Glomeruli, ↑ tubules↑ MacrophagesNANA 4, 30
↑ Glomeruli, ↑ tubular cells↑ Epithelial cellsEC negative↑ AstrocytesPresent study
  • a Expression assessed by immunohistochemistry (baboon and rat), in situ hybridization (mouse) or functional assay (rabbit). ↑, increased expression; NA, not assessed; EC, endothelial cells; Mφ, macrophages.