Table 1.

EHEC and EPEC strains used in this study

StrainRelevant characteristic(s)Reference(s) or source
86-24EHEC O157:H7 wild type23
UMD619EHEC 86-24 intimin mutant10
CVD451EHEC 86-24sepB mutant26
EHECΔtirEHEC 86-24 tir deletion mutantThis study
EHECΔtir/T7-TirEHEC 86-24 tir1 deletion mutant carrying pEHEC-T7-TirThis study
UMD619ΔtirEHEC 86-24 intimin-tir double mutantThis study
E2348/69EPEC O137:H6 wild type12
EPECΔtirEPEC E2348/69 tir deletion mutant28
CVD206EPEC E2348/69 intimin mutant9
UMD207EPEC intimin mutant of plasmid-cured E2348/699
EPEC/pCVD540EPEC E2348/69 containing per regulon in pACYC18422, 27