Table 3.

Summary of in vivo expression of C. albicans ACT1 and SAP1 to SAP7 mRNAs inCandida culture-negative control, Candidacarrier, and oral candidiasis study populations

Study populationHIV statusaActinbSAPgene expressionb
Total no. of controls positivecNDd 00 00 00
Candida carriers
  Total no. positiveND 80 60 82
Oral candidiasis  patients
  Total no. positive6102106106
  • a +, HIV-seropositive patient; −, HIV-seronegative patient.

  • b +, presence of mRNA detected by RT-PCR; −, absence of mRNA determined by RT-PCR.

  • c Seven Candida culture-negative controls were studied.

  • d ND, not determined.