Table 1.

Flow cytometric analysis of vaginal T cells during primary C. albicansvaginal infectiona

Cell type% of positive cellsb after following treatment:
Estrogen and no infectionEstrogen and infectionInfection and no estrogen
αβ TCR+CD4+ 402932354228303239302329
γδ TCR+CD4+ 201920212216211923201917
γδ TCR+CD4 1237413156150.20.72
2B6+GK1.5 343938403841363941334237
2B6+GK1.5+ 534352523462
  • a Data presented from a single experiment of two repeats with pooled cells (105/sample) from 9 to 10 mice.

  • b Based on lymphoid cell-like limits of cells collected from collagenase-digested vaginas. The numbers 1, 2, 3, and 5 for each treatment refer to weeks postinfection.