Table 2.

Flow cytometric analysis of vaginal T cells following primary or secondary C. albicansvaginal infectiona

Cell type:% of positive cellsb on:
Day 4 after:Day 10 after:
Primary infectionSecondary infectionPrimary infectionSecondary infection
αβ TCR+ CD4+ 31363536
γδ TCR+ CD4+ 14121513
γδ TCR+ CD4 3243
2B6+GK1.5 46454346
2B6+GK1.5+ 8567
  • a Data presented from a single experiment of two repeats with pooled cells (105/sample) from 9 to 10 estrogen-treated primary or secondary infected mice.

  • b Based on lymphoid cell-like limits of cells collected from collagenase-digested vaginas.