Table 1.

Analysis of anti-PA83-selected scFv

scFv typeELISA scoreaMonomer/dimer/trimer ratiobKd(M)c
scFv10.758:2:01.9 × 10−7
scFv40.209:1:03.1 × 10−7
scFv120.277:3:01.1 × 10−6
scFv240.309:1:04.3 × 10−7
  • a Wells of a 96-well plate were coated with 1 μg of PA83. Anti-M13–HRP conjugated antibody (Pharmacia Biotech) was used to generate signal.

  • b Multimer content was determined by Sephadex-75 separation of IMAC-purified protein as described in Materials and Methods.

  • c Affinity was determined in a BIAcore by using four concentrations of each scFv. ND, not done.