Serum bactericidal activity against N. meningtitidis in mice vaccinated with rLP2086 ± CT-E29Ha

Antigen (amt)Adjuvant (amt)Bactericidal titers against test strainb
rLP2086 (5 μg)None400400100<25>800<2550<25
rLP2086 (5 μg)CT-E29H (10 μg)>800>80040050>800<25200<25
  • a Swiss Webster mice (10/group) were vaccinated s.c. at weeks 0 and 4 and bled at week 6. Serum bactericidal activity of various group B meningococcal strains was assessed with week 6 pooled sera. Human complement (lot# UR4-97) was used in the assay. The bactericidal titers are expressed as the reciprocal of the greatest serum dilution that yielded ≥50% of bacterial killing, compared to assay controls. The bactericidal titers of all the prebleeds were <25.

  • b All strains belong to P2086 subfamily B, except strains 870446 and CDC1521.